Caring for Your Wooden Garage Doors: Maintenance Tips for Longevity

Products like outdoor furniture, window frames, and single or double wooden garage doors that are constantly exposed to outdoor elements definitely require periodic maintenance. If not regularly maintained, no item that’s made of a natural wood can retain its “like new”, mint condition. Wood is an organic material. In its natural, untreated state, any organic substance will decay over time, unless measures to preserve and protect the material are implemented.


Wooden Garage Doors and Weather

South African weather conditions can vary between humidity, harsh summer sunlight that dries out everything, heavy thunder- and rainstorms, occasional hail, drought, flooding, and wind. Raw, untreated wooden garage doors wouldn’t stand a chance to outlast such conditions. Care and maintenance is essential. Frequency of maintenance treatments depends on prevailing conditions, but in most instances, annual maintenance is adequate.

However, reputable door factories in this country use hard-wearing timber, like Meranti, to manufacture single and double garage doors and other outdoor products that display the luxurious characteristics of wood.

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Treated and Sealed

Our timber is cured properly and then treated and sealed with weather-resistant formulations that help to increase the longevity of the products. Our wooden garage doors at Chateau Doors are professionally treated prior to installation, thereby ensuring the “wow” factor, longevity, and natural beauty of our custom-made timber garage doors.


The Potential Lifespan of Wooden Garage Doors

Despite wooden doors’ initial treatment processes, timber still requires care and treatment periodically, once installed. Keep in mind that premium-quality single or double wooden garage doors can last up to 30 years or longer, but only if properly cared for and maintained with appropriate treatment solutions that are designed to prolong the lifespan of timber that’s exposed to exterior conditions.


Maintenance Tips to Increase Longevity

If you decide to take the DIY route to care for and maintain your wooden garage doors, you may find the following guidelines and tips useful:

  • Keep timber doors as clean and dust-free as possible by occasionally dusting with a soft, dry cloth to prevent a build-up of debris. Pressure-washing is not recommended.
  • Restain, reseal, feed, or revarnish wooden doors periodically, perhaps annually.
  • Prepare your single or double wooden garage doors by lightly sanding timber with a fine-grained sandpaper to ensure that the sealant penetrates and/or adheres properly.
  • Check springs, cables, and other hard-working components to keep them in tip-top working condition.
  • Lubricate relevant working parts.

There are numerous effective timber treatment products available in this country, which are not limited to but include Woodoc Weatherproof Wax, Woodoc 50,  Wood Reviver, Exterior Maintenance Wax, and products from WoodCare, Woodgard, and Gripseal, to name only a few.


Effortless Garage Door Maintenance

There’s also an effortless maintenance solution on hand. Protect the longevity and “wow” factor of your single or double wooden garage door/s by booking a professional maintenance service appointment with us at Chateau Doors. Contact us today.

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