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So, you have been thinking about installing a new garage door, but you are feeling a little overwhelmed with the choices available. A premium garage door can last you for many years, enhance the value of your property, and add great aesthetic appeal to the exterior façade of your home. They are also a pretty important security mechanism, ensuring that your home and valuable assets are secured. There are so many styles on the market when it comes to garage doors, so what to choose?

Garage door 20-single-slatted-wooden-doorHere at Chateau Doors, we specialise in both single and double models, available in wood, aluminium, and steel. All three materials offer advantages: wood with its natural aesthetic and affordability factor, steel with its durability and strength, and aluminium with its lightweight nature and modern finish. Choosing the perfect fit for your home is a hugely personal decision. Popular models in our premium range include:


  • Double or single wood models: Wooden models continue to enjoy widespread popularity. Their timeless charm is enjoyed by many, as is the eco-friendly factor and the plethora of customisation options. Choose panels, solid slats, or finger jointed slats, depending on your individual preference and style. Wood models come in a variety of colours and stains, allowing for added individuality and personal design.


  • Double or single aluminium models: Aluminium models offer fantastic insulation, a modern finish, and adaptability. Enjoy a range of colour options and the excellent security that they provide.


  • Double or single steel models: Praised for their durability and low-maintenance appeal, steel varieties are also a popular choice. Opt for a colour finish in keeping with your home and enjoy a two-year warranty when you opt for professional installation. 



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If you are ready to install your dream garage door, it is time to chat with our knowledgeable team. We will happily advise you on what products and materials will best suit the job and send a zero-obligation quote. All of our models come with the option of the door alone, a door and motor, or professional installation. Whether you want a single or double model in wood, steel, or aluminium, we have an abundance of options available and are happy to advise. We also offer electric fencing solutions for anyone wanting to enhance the security of their property and deter potential threats. When you install with the experts, quality is guaranteed.

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