The Importance of Professional Garage Door Installations: Chateau Doors’ Expertise


Regardless of who undertakes your garage door installations, it’s really important that the person or company involved has the necessary expertise and equipment to ensure that the installation is perfectly done, as we do at Chateau Doors. While the quality of the garage doors is also important to ensure that your doors are durable and function well, they must be installed correctly to operate optimally.


Optional Garage Door Installations


At Chateau Doors, we recognise that some of our customers have the ability, equipment, and know-how to undertake their garage door installations on their own, as a DIY project, which is why we offer customers three options when they buy their garage doors from us.


Customers may select to purchase hardware (garage doors) only, hardware plus a motor, or hardware, a motor, and our highly professional garage door installations.


Garage Door Installation Complexities


Because we, at Chateau Doors, specialise in the manufacture, supply, and installation of premium-quality, secure garage door solutions that cover all types of relevant doors, we also understand the complexities and challenges that are typical of garage door installations.


Compensating for Discrepancies


The door’s measurements and the dimensions of the opening must be accurate to ensure that there are no unnecessary gaps or overlapping sections. It’s essential that brackets be mounted securely, straight, and completely level, even if the opening is slightly out of square.


A professional garage door installer knows how to compensate for discrepancies, whilst ensuring that the installation is neat and visually pleasing.


Impact of Size and Weight


We provide garage doors made from wood, steel, and aluminium. Of these options, wooden doors are heaviest, while steel and aluminium products weigh considerably less. Consequently, the type of door you select has a direct impact on the weight of the door and the challenges of handling and installing the unit.


Keep in mind that even a single garage door is large and cumbersome to handle – more so if it’s a double door. Size and weight do matter. To install a large, heavy rolled-up door overhead requires the door to be lifted well above one’s shoulder and head height, thus needing more than one able-bodied person to accomplish such heavy lifting.

Garage Door Installations

Once raised overhead, it’s imperative to once again ensure that the cylinder formed by the rolled-up garage door material is 100% level before fitting and fixing it onto the brackets, thereby enabling the door and its motor to operate smoothly for the foreseeable future.


Chateau Doors’ Commitment


We are committed to several aspects of our specialised field of expertise – you, our valued customer; our locally-sourced, top quality affordable products; and the proficiency with which we accomplish our professional garage door installations. Contact us and leave the complexities of installations to us.

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