4 Tell-Tale Signs that You Need to Repair Your Garage Door

garage door motor “Is it time to repair my garage door?” you ask yourself as you hear that all too familiar creek. Things sound a little rusty despite the fact that you keep oiling the motor, and the clear signs of wear and tear are growing all the more familiar. If you have been wondering if you need to repair your garage door, it could be time for restoration or even a replacement. Before exploring your options, check if these signs are true to your garage door. If they are, it might be time to chat with our expert team at Chateau Doors.

  • Strange sounds whenever you open or close the door: If the creaks, scrapes, and grinds are growing louder every time you click on your remote, you might need a repair. If oiling doesn’t work, it’s time to contact the experts.


  • Constant breakdowns: If your garage keeps breaking down, you might have a motor issue or a problem with the door itself. This can pose a significant safety risk, especially if it is a spring issue and it closes on a person, vehicle, or animal. If this starts happening, you are definitely in need of a repair.


  • Old-fashioned design: Sometimes, garages need a total replacement or facelift, not because of damage, but because the current door is not in keeping with modern trends. An upgraded door can enhance the value of your property and significantly improve the curbside appeal of your home.


  • Apparent wear and tear: Garage doors can start to showcase the passage of time. If the exterior is covered in dents, bumps, scrapes, or scratches, it might be time to consider fixing it. While dents can look unsightly, over time, they might also impact the structural integrity. If you notice increasing wear and tear, consider that restoration might be imminent.


Explore Our Installation and Repair Options 

Whether you want to restore an existing model and get it functioning like a newer one or completely replace an old garage door for a newer, more modernised option, we can help you out. We have an array of styles and designs for single and double garages and can create bespoke doors in steel, aluminium, or wood. Our models are available in several designs and colour options so that they can match the façade of your home with ease. Explore our range of products here or give us a call if you are in need of a replacement or repair.

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