4 Benefits of Buying Locally Manufactured Aluminium Garage Doors 

When shopping for aluminium doors, locally manufactured solutions are your best bet. As they say, ‘local is lekker’, and shopping locally can ensure premium quality products, timely service, quick repairs and, not to mention, it boosts your regional economy.

At Chateau Doors, we have a range of product options, always keeping value, quality and service in mind. Our products are built to last, and this is why we have gained such popularity in Krugersdorp and its surrounds.

Steel and Aluminium garage doorsOur locally manufactured aluminium garage doors offer amazing benefits. Purchase quality garage doors locally for these reasons:

  • High-quality material and design: When you opt for our premium, locally manufactured aluminium garage doors, excellence is guaranteed. Aluminium, although lightweight, is a highly durable material that is perfect for garage doors. It offers fantastic reliability and will protect your home against even the harshest weather conditions. Since this material is so robust and corrosion-resistant, it will also last you a long time and retain its modern and pristine exterior. This means that minimal repairs are needed and that replacements are rarely necessary.


  • Quick Repairs: When you choose locally manufactured goods, repairs become faster and more efficient. Rather than having to wait weeks or even months for parts to arrive, you can fix the problem instantaneously. We at Chateau Doors are as passionate about after-sale service as we are about high-end installation. We will be the solution to whatever your needs may be after installing your locally manufactured aluminium, steel or wooden garage door.


  • Boosting the local economy: In these precarious economic times, shopping locally is one of the best ways to bolster the community and help your economy. When you opt for locally manufactured goods, you support the creation of more jobs at a local level, and this micro support leads to more significant financial changes at a larger scale. Moreover, you enhance environmental sustainability and reduce carbon emissions when choosing local and avoiding having to ship goods from overseas. If you are keen on enhancing your green footprint, the local choice is always the best.


  • Diverse options: We understand that every home is unique, and this is why our service offerings are so various when it comes to garage doors. We have wooden, aluminium and steel options available, and a myriad of colour spray options for the metal varieties. When it comes to wood, choose between panels, solid slats and finger joined slats. Choose a colour and finish that enhances the façade of your property and compliments your style. For the aluminium options, we offer a choice between bronze, charcoal, brown or white.


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If you are passionate about locally manufactured, premium quality goods, then chat with our team today and let us help you to find the perfect garage door. We will happily send you a zero-hassle quote taking into account your particular property, personal budget and design preference. Give us a call on 082 513 2844 or send an email to sales@chateaudoors.co.za.

We look forward to hearing from you and showing you our diverse product universe. Whatever your garage needs when it comes to doors, we are here to help!

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