Unveiling the Rich History and Evolution of Garage Doors

Our company, Chateau Doors, was established to supply South Africa with affordable, top-quality garage doors. However, long before our existence, there were no garages. This spans several centuries or even millennia, depending on the source. In this article, we’ll explore the history of garage doors in further detail.


The History of Garage Doors

Early forms of wheeled transportation, such as chariots and carts, and later Henry Ford’s iconic invention, the motor car, were parked in outbuildings, barns, gate houses, or carriage houses. These spaces served as predecessors to both early and modern versions of the facility we now know as the garage. Likewise, “garage” doors varied according to the type of building that housed parked vehicles and the status of vehicles’ owners, not unlike contemporary garage door designs.

One might assume that, other than sliding barn doors, most simple garage closures were of the hinged, swing-away type, made of cobbled-together sections of whatever type of timber was available locally. Back then, the style and design of outbuilding doors were probably not a major concern, as garages were typically located far from the main dwelling.

Roll on to the beginning of the 20th century, when demand for Ford’s “horseless carriages” began to grow. Not long thereafter, in 1921, a forward-thinking American young man, C.G. Johnson, invented the overhead garage door. Since then, there has been a relentless progression in the variety of designs and materials, accompanied by the ongoing refinement and sophistication of this invention.


Doors to Maximise Space Utilisation

Today, the availability of garage parking facilities is of paramount importance, as are garage doors with which to enclose and protect the garage and its contents. Building costs are high and space is at a premium, potentially two of many reasons why our quality roll-up garage doors are so highly sought-after.

These designs don’t require any extra space on the outside of the building, while within the facility, roll-up doors require minimal space to operate, thereby ensuring that one’s available space within the garage is maximised, free, and clear.   


Chateau Doors’ Commitments

Whether you select single garage door designs that reflect yesteryear’s cosy rustic charm, or you prefer double door cutting-edge modern minimalism with a “less is more” aesthetic approach, we at Chateau Doors are committed to meeting or exceeding your requirements. Notwithstanding the style you choose, the quality of our doors is matchless, yet competitively priced.

As suppliers, repair and replacement specialists, and installation experts, we source and select the best-possible quality local materials and garage door components. This means that lead times are minimal and parts and components are readily available, without undue delay.

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Important Options

At Chateau Doors, we offer a comprehensive variety of wooden, aluminium, and steel garage door designs, all available in three different options – hardware (garage doors) only, hardware plus motor, or hardware, motor, and professional installation. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us for quality products, exceptional service, and rustically charming or modern minimalistic designs.


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