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If you have been wanting to upgrade your garage doors and are looking for a premium manufacturer who can also install them, you have come to the right place. Here at Chateau Doors, we are key players in the garage door installationsindustry, priding ourselves on years of experience with aluminium, steel and wooden garage door installations. When you choose us, you have an option of three materials, namely wood, steel or aluminium, and each come in a variety of styles and designs. You can purchase the single or double doors on their own or opt for a motor or a motor and installation.

Steel Garage Door DoubleThree of our top garage doors and installation options include:

  • Double steel garage: Boasting ultimate strength and durability, these steel doors are a popular choice. They send a clear message that your home is protected and will thus deter anyone from trying to enter. This material is known for being extra robust and won’t warp or rust over time. If you live in an area with heavy storms, winds or rainfall, this is a great choice.


  • Wooden double or single garage: Wood is another excellent material and can be stained according to your colour preference. You can also opt for several different styles when choosing wood. This material offers fantastic durability and has the cost factor on its side too. If you are looking for an affordable yet durable option, wood is the way to go and is available in single or double door options.


  • Aluminium garage: Much like steel, aluminium is a highly durable material and will last a significant number of years. However, it has the added bonus of being lighter in weight and is thus easy to operate if the motor is not in use. Moreover, it offers excellent security and can modernise the look of your home in an instant. We have options available for double and single garage doors. When you choose aluminium, you can also choose between several colour options to suit your home’s exterior and your style preferences.


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If you are ready to change your garage doors and are looking for experts in garage door installations who can do the job right, explore our range of high-quality options here. Get in touch with us on 082 513 2844, and we will happily give you a zero-obligation quote. We will tailor-make the quote based on your unique needs, the materials used and the size needed for your garage. We believe in the durability of our products and thus offer a two-year warranty on all single and double wooden doors and steel doors and a four-year warranty on all aluminium products. When you choose premium suppliers, who have stood the test of time, satisfaction is guaranteed. Choose Chateau Doors for high-end designs, manufacture and installation, and your worries about your garage door will be a thing of the past. We look forward to working with you and offering you ultimate peace of mind and a stylish design.

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