Install Garage Doors: The Pros and Cons of DIY Installation                                              

Initially, it may seem relatively simple to install garage doors on your own, as a DIY project. You know you’ll need the assistance and muscle power of a few strong helpers, because garage doors are large, heavy, and awkward to lift, particularly above head height.

Armed with the manufacturer’s installation diagrams and instructions, plus a few appropriate tools, how difficult can it really be to install your new garage doors? The fact remains – installation illustrations or assembly directions are intended to simplify tasks, without confusing the reader by including extra details or finer points that may be confusing to an inexperienced amateur installer.


Should You Let the Professionals Install Garage Doors?Install Garage Doors

Invariably, a novice garage door installer may be somewhat ill-advised to attempt a complex, physically demanding task effortlessly and successfully.

At Chateau Doors, our experts recognise that it is not quite as simple and easy to install garage doors as one might initially think. If you want to guarantee that it will be done right, it’s usually best to leave garage door installations to the experts.

Nonetheless, for the people who have the know-how to fit garage doors correctly, we at Chateau Doors offer our products on a hardware only, hardware plus motor, or hardware, motor, and installation basis. In this way, we also cater for the DIY market sector, without compelling customers to make use of our professional, expert installation services, unless specifically requested or required.


A Few Commonly Encountered Installation Problems

Here are a few common problems people face when installing garage doors:

  • Condition and tension setting of springs, regardless of whether installation is a DIY task or is done by professionals. When set too tightly, the doors may shoot up too quickly when opened, or they may strain the motor when closing. Alternatively, doors may not close all the way. A too light setting also causes doors to malfunction.
  • Improperly adjusted limit switches can cause issues by failing to stop the door motor after the door has fully opened or closed, leading to potential excessive wear and tear on the motor.
  • An incorrectly aligned door cannot keep an even balance, resulting in immediate or eventual problems with the doors’ smooth operation. Good quality, hard-wearing garage door cables should be set evenly.
  • Inadequate or irregular lubrication can result in squeaky operations when opening and closing the garage door, potentially impacting the door’s longevity and smooth functioning, especially in automated systems.


The Solution

Although we’ve only mentioned a few problems that may be encountered when installing garage doors, we at Chateau Doors offer a sure-fire solution to avoid and prevent installation problems. From start to completion, our expert installers install garage doors 100% correctly.

Professional installation may cost a slightly more, but in the long run, you can save yourself money, time, effort, and frustration by installing your garage doors the Chateau Doors way. We look forward to becoming your garage door specialist. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

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