Aluminium Garage Doors vs. Other Materials: Making the Right Choice


Some years ago, the cost of living was on the rise in South Africa, and customers were becoming much more budget conscious and careful about value for money on everything from clothing to insurance premiums and more. That was when the founders of our company, Chateau Doors, identified the growing demand for affordable, premium-quality aluminium garage doors and responded accordingly.


Since our establishment, our aluminium garage doors continue to occupy a prominent place amongst our top selling doors, which have evolved to include all types of garage doors – including those made of steel and wood.


Affordable Aluminium Garage Doors


Aluminium garage doors are among the most affordable and popular options. Nevertheless, the popularity of our aluminium doors encompasses considerably more than their affordability.


Our aluminium garage doors are exceptionally durable since this material is highly resistant to corrosion and degradation due to moisture and the elements. Consequently, maintenance is minimal. Like all exposed surfaces, garage doors accumulate dust, but keeping inner and outer door surfaces like new is a simple matter – just wipe away dust with a soft cloth or a microfibre duster.


Door motors, torsion springs’ settings, and several other working components do need to be checked periodically and, when necessary, undergo a maintenance service, which is best left in the capable hands of professional garage door specialists. However, because aluminium is a lightweight material, wear, tear, and the need for services is usually minimal.


Timber Doors


Wooden garage doors feature all the iconic characteristics of timber – grain, texture, and nature’s lovely shades and hues. Of all three materials, wood is the heaviest. The operation of large, heavy wooden garage doors tends to demand more of door motors and supporting mechanisms.

Aluminium Garage Doors

Maintenance and sealing of timber surfaces are also musts if you want to keep wooden garage doors in tip-top condition. In general, wooden garage doors cost somewhat more than those made of other materials, so if your budget is tight, consider steel or aluminium as alternatives.


Steel Garage Doors


Because steel is such a strong, durable material, some are under the impression that steel garage doors are very heavy, forgetting that the steel material used for garage door production consists of comparatively thin, lightweight panels.

Steel doors are available from us at Chateau Doors in various styles, and they’re powder-coated in a selection of popular colours. Additionally, steel garage doors are typically more affordable than doors made of timber.



Choose Right


At the end of the day, it’s important that you choose right, whether you select affordable aluminium garage doors or steel or wooden products. The fact remains; you cannot go wrong if you choose your doors from the Chateau Doors collection.  for your perfect garage door solution.

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